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From 1/4” diameter to 18” diameter. Lengths up to 40” long.
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Mikron Machining Capabilities
This, is not only a limited resource but, can be very expensive.  Mikron's ability to do this process in-house reduces your overall cost and lead-times while maintaining control of the products quality.
Extensive knowledge of Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and a variety of carbon steel allows Mikron to recommend the correct material the first time for each application utilizing our expertise based upon operating parameters and harsh media requirements.
Early design involvement enhances the protyping process and minimizes the time to market.
Done on 100% of our valves. It perfectly mates the components prior to testing for superior sealing and longevity especially for extreme applications.
Excellent wear resistance attributes for valves and components that require repetitive activation and high friction areas.
Up to 24” diameter. 15” diameter over the carriage. 4” diameter through spindle and lengths up to 50” long.
X-Axis=40” Y-Axis-26” Z-Axis=25” Full 4th Axis capabilities up to 16” diameter.
From 1” to 32” diameter. Lengths up to 36” long.