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ISO 9001:2008   API Certification 6D-#6D-0867
Miller Center Guided Check Valve Mikron Valve's., Center Guided Check Valve reflects the results of ongoing research, experience and study in the controls of fluids of all types.  There are no internal screws or bolts to corrode in place, or work loose to cause costly malfunction.  Mikron's Center Guided Check Valves are designed to meet the requirements of the general rules and regulations as specified by the Board of Supervising Inspectors and U.S. Coast Guard Marine Service.  Mikron's Center Guided Check Valves can withstand pressures up to 6000 pounds and at any temperature to handle all liquids, gases, oil, gasoline, acids, chemicals, air, salt water, brine, etc.
Specialty Ball Valves Mikron Ball Valves are floating ball valves with a two piece ball and stem. These valves have been proven to work in high temperatures and pressures. And since the stem is always perpendicular to the pipe line, leakage between the stem and the packing is minimized. Mikron ball valves have a live loaded packing system in all valves as a standard option, to further ensure leak free packing and less maintenance and downtime as a result.  
Miller Wafer Insert Valves Mikron's Miller Wafer Insert Valves are designed to work silently in either vertical or horizontal position, Made of semi-steel bodies, Eityher Bronze or Stainless disc and seat ring, stainless spring.  Mikron's Miller Wafer Valves are hand lapped to insure positive shut-off and are rated for 125lb. or 250 lb. mating flanges.  Our wafer valves are available in sized 1" thru 10".